Tuesday, January 24, 2012

November 2011

The month of November flew by with more fun for us and great visit by Pops!
Here is Emma with all of her stuffed animals having a party, she loves loves loves her stuffies!
Emma tells me this is her FAVORITE picture!
These two are already such little pals, Luke is all smiles with Emma around and Emma loves to make him laugh!
Making her doggy pretty.
Pops came for the weekend to stand in the circle for Luke's blessing. We absolutely loved having him here. It was way too short but we were sooo happy he was able to come!
Smiling at Pops ;)
Luke's blessing day. This was Andrew's blessing outfit, thanks to Nana for getting it cleaned so it was white again and fixing the leg elastic, it was ready for our little Luke. Initially we were planning on blessing him in Utah when we went home for Kelsey's wedding two weeks after he was born but since Luke and I didn't go we had to wait longer and boy was I sure glad he was able to fit into it. It was a little tight and a week longer probably wouldn't have fit but it is fun to think he got to wear his daddy's blessing outfit ;)
Chunky legs and cheeks, just love this little man!
3 Generations..
Emma loves to try and feed Luke, such a good helper.
Peek a boo I see you little piggies!
I found Emma sitting at the desk after she had been 'practicing' her cutting skills with scissors, pretty good job! The scissors were needless to say moved from the desk drawers ;)
How many stuffies does a little girl need to sleep with?? I came to give her a kiss goodnight and found her with a few of her dogs ;)
Thanksgiving was fun with the Crosby's and Matt. Our second year doing our own Thanksgiving. Lots of food and fun company made the day so great!
These two are two months apart, yip Luke is bigger! I love love that he is growing so great!
Horsey rides..
Emma was my big big helper putting up Christmas. She loved it so much. It was so fun seeing how excited she got to get everything out and put it up, every year she gets more and more excited!
Out feeding the ducks and enjoying the day together.
My bald little man!

October 2011

October was a fun filled month with lots of activities! Emma loved her school trip to the Fire station to get to see everything that the great fire fighters do. It was fun for us mom's too ;)
Checking out some of the many gadgets.
Emma and her little friend from school.
Firefighter all dressed up to show that kids to not be afraid when/if they ever see a firefighter. They really weren't so sure, as soon as the mask went on...scared little people ;)
Mrs. Wilson's Preschool class, we sure love it!
Date with Dad. This usually is an outing to sports authority ;) but she loves it and looks forward to her dates!
Snugly after a bath, growing so big! We sure love these little chubby cheeks!
Handsome boy ready for church. This was a six month outfit..yes I didn't get it out earlier thinking he's only 2 and a half months...well, I should have, little man only got to wear the shirt and vest once and that was even tight!
I am seriously so proud of Andrew! I need to brag a bit about my hubby with a green thumb. He did such an AMAZING job with our first official garden. We had tons and tons of veggies. His pepper and jalapeno plants kept going and going. I think we had at least 7 months of peppers growing, so great! I became a lover of peppers! Great job love and Emma loved every minute too.
Big sis and little bro.
All smiles!
So so so funny! On Luke's two month appointment date I took Em's and she got a flu shot along with his vaccinations and oh my goodness was she a hoot!! He cried right at first obviously but settled down and was great the rest of the day. Emma on the other hand, had a bit of a dramatic rough day. The whole way home she kept saying in her saddest voice "owie" "oh owie" we get home and I couldn't help but keep giggling at this lady. All I heard all day was "mama my leg is broken, I can't walk on it" as she gimps around trying not to put weight on the leg. She was sit on the couch and every little bit I would hear "oh owie" she would have to have help lifting her leg up on the chair to eat lunch and dinner :) I heard often "my leg just won't work" "that Dr is dangerous" "the hospital is dangerous" She made me laugh and laugh, and I probably shouldn't have let her milk it so much but it was so stinking cute and she never acts like that so I figured she could have a tough needy day, getting lots of waiting on and snuggles from her mama!
Emma can't wait till Luke can hold on himself to take rides, she is always wanting us to hold him on her from horsey rides.
These two are best buddies, we could adopt him! They play so unbelievably great together and we love having him play ;)
Yes they love to 'swim' in the tub, until it's warm enough for the pool again!
Love these cheeks!!
Fun at the pumpkin patch...
Hay ride..
Our family crew.
The Wilson crew.
Houston Zoo Boo! Super fun day at the zoo with friends and little people everywhere in their costumes. Emma talked about being a farmer for WEEKS! We had everything and as you can see her mind changed and yip she was a lady bug again (she wore this two Halloween's ago and it was a bit short but worked)!
Found my pumpkin mom ;)
We must make a stop on the Carousel ;)
I got to go and be the helper at preschool for their Halloween party and it was so fun! Here they are hitting their bat piƱata, which was pretty darn cute made by their loving Mrs Wilson ;)
Good thing Emma is loved so much by her Mrs. Wilson because she started out as a lady bug and ended up being a little cowgirl at school :)
For Halloween we had our wards trunk or treat at the church, it was so fun and tons of people there here were the 3 of them on our way out. I was so lame and didn't dress up! Next year is a must!
Luke was a pumpkin, just like little lady on her first Halloween, he is much chunkier. I love this little face when he screams! Crazy I know, but I just find it sooo cute!